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Vietnam Related Links


Veterans - Need your help with information and pictures of your unit/s 

There are too many pages with little or no information

Associations - Send us information on your units 




A-1 Skyraider Association -  A site dedicated to the A-1 Skyraider.

Air Commando Association -  A site dedicated to the Air Commandos.

Bluejacket.Com -  A site dedicated to "All" things Navy.

C-1/9th - 1st Air Cavalry Div

C/158th Assault Helicopter Company - "Phoenix" of the 101st Airborne Division

Covey FACS -  Home of the Covey FAC Association

EC-47 History Site  EC-47 in South East Asia 1966- 1974. 

Forward Air Controllers Association  Home of all those who flew the Forward Air Controller Mission. 

HA(L) - 3 -  U.S. Navy SeaWolves site.  Navy helicopters based in Vietnam.

HA(L) - 3  Det #7 -  Doug Taylor's Det # 7 Homepage.  Navy helicopter detachment based at Dong Tam Vietnam.

Larry's SEA CallSign Project  Home of SEA CallSigns

OV-10 Bronco Association -  A site dedicated to the OV-10 Bronco.

PJ’s in Vietnam -  A site dedicated to the Para Rescue Men of the Vietnam War.  The webmaster is a retired PJ and Combat Veteran.

Ravens in SEA -  A site dedicated to the Ravens - Forward Air Controllers in Laos.

Rustic in SEA -  A site dedicated to the Rustic - Forward Air Controllers in SEA.

The Aviation Zone   " The Unofficial Home of the Heavies"  Over 100 aircraft represented here. 

US Army Attack Helicopters - A Crew Chiefs View Of Vietnam Era Attack Helicopter Gunships

USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association - Helicopters in Vietnam

VAH-21 - Navy Heavy Attack Squadron Twenty-One - The "Road Runners"

VAL-4 - Navy Light Attack Squadron Four - The "Black Ponies"

Vietnam Archives and Center - Texas Tech University - National Repository for the
Vietnam War

VMO-2 - Marine Helicopter Squadron that served in Vietnam.

VMO-6 - Marine Helicopter Squadron that served in Vietnam.

VO-67 - Navy Observation Squadron based at NKP flying OP-2E's.

VQ-1 - "The WILLIE VICTOR Roster" home of Navy Squadron VQ-1 that flew EC-121 radar and /ECM aircraft out of Da Nang ('65-'72)

VW-1 - "The WILLIE VICTOR Roster" home of Navy Squadron VW-1 that flew EC-121 radar and /ECM aircraft  out of Chu Lai ('66-'70)

VXN-8 - "Their aircraft were known as "Blue Eagles" and operated under Project Jenny.  Two Tan Son Nhut aircraft provided TV broadcast and one DaNang AB aircraft provided airborne PSYOPS.

Working with the FACS in Vietnam - John Rosso's site dedicated to FACs in Vietnam.

1st Aviation Brigade

2nd Signal Group Avn Det - Satellite - Long Thanh North AAF - RVN

7/1st Air Cav - Blackhawks

Troop F/8th Air Cav - Blue Ghost

1/9 Air Cav - Bullwhip Squadron

7/17 Air Cav - Ruthless Riders

A Troop 7/17 Air Cav 

B Troop 7/17 Air Cav 

C Troop 7/17 Air Cav 

D Troop 7/17 Air Cav

12 Tactical Fighter Wing  Stop by and learn about the history and contributions of the 12th TFW.  A great bunch of guys!

21st Helicopter Squadron/Special Operations Squadron 

25th Aviation Battalion

48th Assault Helicopter Company - Blue Stars

505th Tactical Control Group - Tactical Air Control in Vietnam and Thailand, 1962-1975

57th Assault Helicopter Company - Gladiators/Cougars

61st Assault Helicopter Company - Lucky Stars/Star Blazers

68th Assault Helicopter Company - Top Tigers/Mustangs

71st Assault Helicopter Company - Rattlers/Firebirds

71st Special Operations Squadron - AC-119G "Shadow"  Vietnam  68-69

92nd Assault Helicopter Company - Stallions/Sidekicks

114th Assault Helicopter Company - Knights of the Air

116th Assault Helicopter Company - Hornets

117th Assault Helicopter Company  - Beachbums/Warlords

118th Assault Helicopter Company - Thunderbirds

119th Assault Helicopter Company - Gators/Crocs

120th Assault Helicopter Company   - Razorbacks

128th Assault Helicopter Company   - Tomahawks & Gunslingers

129th Assault Helicopter Company  - Bulldogs & Cobras

134th Assault Helicopter Company  - Demons/Devils

135th Assault Helicopter Company  - Emus

155th Assault Helicopter Company   - Stagecoach/Falcons

159th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion (ASHB)  - Liftmaster

161st Assault Helicopter Company  - Pelicans/Scorpians

162nd Assault Helicopter Company   - Copperheads/Vultures

170th Assault Helicopter Company  - Bikini's

173rd Airborne Brigade   - Casper Aviation Platoon 

173rd Assault Helicopter Company -  Robin Hoods/Crossbows

174th Assault Helicopter Company  -  Dolphins/Sharks

175th Aviation Company (AML)  -  Outlaws/ Mavericks

176th Assault Helicopter Company  -  Minuteman/Muskets

178th ASHC and 400 TC Company  - The Boxcars 

180th Assault Support Helicopter Company  -  Big Windy   

187th Assault Helicopter Company - Blackhawks/Crusaders

188th Assault Helicopter Company    Black Widows and Spiders

189th Assault Helicopter Company - Ghost Riders/Avengers

191st Assault Helicopter Company   Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters

192nd Assault Helicopter Company   Tigersharks and Polecats

195th Assault Helicopter Company - Sky Chiefs/Thunderchickens

199th Recon Airplane Company - Swamp Fox

213th Assault Support Helicopter Company - Black Cats

220th Aviation Company - Cat Killers

228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion (ASHB)  

229th Assault Helicopter Battalion  - Winged Assault

242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company - Muleskinners

271st Assault Support Helicopter Company - The Delta Innkeepers

281st Assault Helicopter Company - Intruders

335th Assault Helicopter Company  - Ramrods/Mustangs/Falcons

361st Aviation Company(Escort)-361st Aerial Weapons Company - The Pink Panthers

362nd Aviation Company - The Last Hookers

366th Combat Support Group - The "Gunfighters" of the 366th TFW

432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing - 432nd TRW based at Udorn Thailand 

505th Tactical Control Group - Information on USAF Tactical Air Control Sites in Vietnam and Thailand 

610th Transportation Company (AM) - Fast and Sure   1966-1972

Aircraft Specific Links

B-66.INFO- One stop for information on the B-66

C-130 Hercules Headquarters - Scott  Gager's Fantastic Site dedicated to this Great Bird

F-100.ORG- One stop for information on the North American F-100 Super Sabre "Misty" was the radio callsign used by the F-100F Fast Forward Air Controllers (Fast FACs) during the Vietnam.  Learn about the dangerous missions flow by these brave men. 

OV-10Bronco.Net- Brought to you by the OV-10 Bronco Association

Other Vietnam Related

The Vietnam Experiance - A web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War through poetry, stories, and photos by combat veterans.

General Aviation Links

Air Net   Over 15,000 Aviation and Flight Simulation Links. 

This site has it all.Fighter Planes.Com  Hundreds of Aircraft listed 

Walters Worldwide Military Links   7000Direct Links


 GLOBEMASTER US Military Aviation Database


Looking for information on units that served or supported the Air War in SEA. 

If you have a story, scans of aircraft, bases, ships, unit personnel, insignia or operations that you would like to see posted on these pages please contact the webmaster at the mailbox below.

Thanks for serving. 

Looking forward to your input.




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